Inventum Coffeepad Machines

Inventum Cofeepad Coffee Maker


Inventum coffee machines are distinguished by a unique brewing system. The coffee is automatically pushed into the multi-pad holder where you can place one or two pads. Use the flavor selector to adjust your flavor. Press the button for one or two cups, depending on the number of pads you have placed and the perfect cup of coffee is made.



Inventum Coffee Machine Unique Design

At Inventum we wanted to stand out from other brands and offer great benefits to the user. The design, a ‘wall’ with a removable water reservoir, is compact, user friendly and a distinctive addition to the small domestic appliances market. Due to its original and timeless character, the product has been successfully introduced to the consumer market.
In collaboration with steelmaker Corus, the steel company that developed Protact ®. This new material, steel with a polymer coating, has been selected for all housing parts. Protact, produced with Corus' PIF technology, has a high-quality feel, is easy to clean, scratch- and corrosion resistant and doesn’t show finger prints. This is the first in the world- by Inventum.


AVAILABLE MODELS:Inventum Coffee Machines

Coffeepod Machine HK2B
Coffeepod Machine HK2G
Coffeepod Machine HK2R
Coffeepod Machine-1/2 cups  HK5B
Coffeepod Machine-1/2 cups  HK5W
Coffeepod Machine 2 cups HK11M
Coffeepod Machine 2 cups HK11W
Coffeepod Machine 2 cups HK20


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